Face Shield

  • Mouth Shield Mask
  • Mouth Shield Mask
  • Mouth Shield Mask
Mouth Shield MaskMouth Shield MaskMouth Shield Mask

Mouth Shield Mask

  • Food Grade Mouth Shield Mask
  • Food Grade PET Size: 148*78mm Feature: Sanitary, anti-spittle, anti-fog
  • Usage: Food processing plant,Catering services,Supermarket,Beauty services,Hairdressing services,Other industries
  • 10pcs/box, 20boxes/carton
  • Description: Clear Face Mask Anti-Fog Mouth Shield Easy breath Smile Visible Clear Mouth Shield Mask Reusable Plastic Breathe Easy Elegant Face Mask bulk-YICHANG


  • Shield of glory:Clear Mouth Shield Mask Reusable 1 Set 4 Replacement Clear Mouth Shield Mask( 2 Cover Nose, 2 Mouth Shield) - Anti-Fog, Polycarbonate Made In China Sanitary Open Face Guard for Wherever.
  • Breathable:lets out CO2 to maintain comfortable air quality.
  • Anti-fog technology with coated shield. It allows users to maintain clear interaction with customers/patients all day long.
  • Easy to maintain SG4:does not require additional sterilization or cleaning solutions. It is also economical and sustainable with replaceable parts. Simply rinse with water and reuse.
  • Convenient and adjustable: This product is adjustable in size and will fit most heads.and MULTI-PURPOSES For permanent make up practitioners, day spas, restaurants, beauty salons, tattoo artists, catering, cooks, weddings, dental offices, medical offices, hospitals, aesthetic clinics, and etc.