Disposable Gloves

  • Disposable PE gloves
  • Disposable PE gloves
  • Disposable PE gloves
  • Disposable PE gloves
Disposable PE glovesDisposable PE glovesDisposable PE glovesDisposable PE gloves

Disposable PE gloves

  • Material: PE(low density polyethylene)
  • Transparent, smooth or embossed
  • 100pcs/bag,100bags/CTN
  • S,M,L,XL (OEM,ODM)
  • Description: Yichang focuses on developing disposable gloves. Our hybrid disposable PE gloves are available in black, blue and clear colors. our hybrid disposable PE gloves have been sold to more than 30 countries

Product Description

Disposable PE gloves use avirulent insipidity new PE material is qualitative, can direct contact with food, thickening and pull good toughness is strong, the thickness of thick, not easy to break easy to wear, show that embossed texture clear, non-slip close skin comfortable, strength and toughness, good rigidity, good heat resistance, cold resistance, etc, but also has good environmental stress cracking resistance, Impact strength, tear strength and other properties, and acid, alkali, organic solvents, and widely used in industry, agriculture, medicine, health and daily necessities and other fields.

Product Advantages:

1. Thicken and lengthened: thickened design, do not worry about easy to break and leak, wash hair, barbecue, eating a bone, eating lobster are not afraid of breaking, can be at ease to use, lengthened design, do not worry about dirty your sleeves.

2. Anti-skid texture: Made of new material PE, it shows that after embossing processing, anti-adhesion, anti-skid, it is very convenient to use.

3. Watertight: full weight full number of Seiki fine work, good toughness, tensile is not easy to break, tough and thick, waterproof and oil proof effect is good.

4. Clean and sanitary: use new materials for production, refuse to use recycled materials, to ensure that the product is non-toxic, sterile, harmless, clean, and sanitary.

Range Of Application:

Disposable transparent polyethylene PE gloves suitable for checking the emergency care, health and epidemic prevention, food processing, aquaculture, beauty salon, hair coloring treatment, meal to eat lobster, big bones, barbecue picnic, household cleaning, daily receive a cleaning, gardening flowers, wash the dishes to wash clothes, laboratory research, paint decoration, dust-free workshop, the electronics industry factory.


1. This product is both left and right hand. Please choose gloves suitable for your hand type.

2, when wearing gloves, do not wear rings or other accessories, pay attention to trim nails.

3. This product is limited to one-time use; After use, please treat the products as garbage to prevent bacteria from polluting the environment.