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  • Non-skid shoe covers
  • Non-skid shoe covers
  • Non-skid shoe covers
Non-skid shoe coversNon-skid shoe coversNon-skid shoe covers

Non-skid shoe covers

  • Size: 15*40cm,16*40cm, 15*39cm,15*40cm,16*41cm
  • Material: pp
  • 35*24*32
  • Quality Certification: ISO 13485,CE; Safety standard: GB15979-2002
  • Description: Disposable Non-skid shoe covers bulk price-YICHANG


(1)Waterproof and dustproof: The waterproof design helps protect the shoes from liquid and dust. Ideal for medical treatment, museums, workplaces, indoor carpet floors, cars, and gardens.
(2)Non-slip and environmentally friendly: These disposable Shoe Covers have a non-slip particle surface to ensure your safety in all situations.
(3)Keeping the carpet or floor clean to prevent dust, dirt, and certain dry particles that annoy you can save preventable cleaning costs and save time and money.
(4)One size fits everyone-the sleeves are equipped with elastic bands to increase flexibility.

(5)They are lightweight and effective, keeping them spotless and protecting you, shoes, carpets, hardwood floors, and tile floors.




1. Restaurant, garden, painting, beauty salon.
2. Food processing, camping barbecue.
3. Medical industries, hospitals, clinics.
4. Manufacturing, electronic industry, industry.
5. Homecare, home cleaning.

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