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  • Nitrile Gloves Long Cuff
  • Nitrile Gloves Long Cuff
  • Nitrile Gloves Long Cuff
Nitrile Gloves Long CuffNitrile Gloves Long CuffNitrile Gloves Long Cuff

Nitrile Gloves Long Cuff

  • Thickness:4 mils;16 inches
  • Glove Materials:Nitrile
  • Glove Performance:General Purpose with Extended Cuff
  • EN ISO 374 Chemicals Tested:G - Diethylamine, K - Sodium Hydroxide 40%, L - Sulphuric Acid 96%, N - Acetic Acid 99%, S - Hydrofluoric Acid 40%, T - Formaldehyde 37%
  • Description: These nitrile chemical-resistant gloves are unsupported. Nitrile Gloves Long Cuff resist oils, grease, hydrocarbons, animal fats, punctures, and abrasion.


Nitrile gloves Long Cuff have good resistance to acids, some organic solvents, pesticides, and fuel. Unsupported gloves have a good sense of touch and are less durable than supported gloves, making them a good choice when gloves come into contact with chemicals but are not fully submerged.

 - 100% synthetic co-polymer nitrile (Acrylonitrile-butadiene)

 - Powder free to:-

  • Eliminate powder associated transfer of chemical allergens
  • Eliminate powder feeling on skin
  • Eliminate powder-induces irritation or abrasion to skin
  • Eliminate powder contamination risk

- Latex / protein free, a perfect alternative solution for natural rubber latex allergic users

- Finger textured provides excellent grip and tactile sensitivity

- Twice the times of punctual resistance compared to natural rubber gloves

- High durability and tear resistance

- Maximum barrier protection

- Resist permeation by wide range of chemicals as compared to natural rubber of the same thickness

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