Medical Isolation Gowns

  • PP+PE Medical Isolation Gowns
  • PP+PE Medical Isolation Gowns
PP+PE Medical Isolation GownsPP+PE Medical Isolation Gowns

PP+PE Medical Isolation Gowns

  • Color: Transparent Blue
  • Feature: Non restricted elastic wrists and neck ties;
  • Side waist ties eliminate difficulties of tying behind the back;
  • Strong sealed seams are designed to withstand even rough treatment, offering 360° total protection.
  • Description: The Disposable isolation gown is 100% latex free, made of soft, smooth, non-woven, fluid-resistant SMS material, and provides maximum protection and additional coverage through a fastener seal on the

What are the Application of hospital Isolation Gowns?

These gowns are made with non-woven material and are very soft and smooth to touch. There are two colors of gowns manufactured by YICHANG: blue disposable isolation gowns and yellow disposable isolation gowns. Worn by dentists, lab technicians, and other health care providers, these blue disposable isolation gowns provide much needed protection against splashes of fluids, chemical products and solutions and other contaminants, preventing skin irritations, chemical burns, or the flare up of skin allergies and as well as damage to personal clothing.

Company Factory

Since from Year 2001, Yichang Company concentrate on developing Isolation gowns and Other medical related products.

Yichang Company takes “quality first, Honest and trustworthy, Satisfiedd Service” as the philosophy and own the FDA

and CE international quality control system for many years.

Yichang® be selected as“China Famous Trademark” Yichang company is well-known all over China after everyone hard

working for 20 years. Yichang has high repuptation and winning Years turnover increasing 30% and customer admiration.



1. Do you have FDA/CE ?

Yes, we have FDA and CE for disposable isolation gowns.

2. Do you have any quality test certification ?

Yes, our test report is issued by one of the famousest group TUV Company.

3. Have you successfully export to USA or other countries ?

Yes, there are many successful case which can be provide to you.

4. What is the dailly capacity and delivery time ?

we are one of the biggest producer ,which has 500k pcs daily capacity.

5. Do you have any stock ?

Yes, we have around 300k pcs in stock for emergency situation.

6. Do you have any stock in oversea ?

Yes, we have 300k pcs in USA warehouse. There are containers shipped to USA Weekly.

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