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  • Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
  • Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
  • Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
Fingertip Pulse OximeterFingertip Pulse OximeterFingertip Pulse Oximeter

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

  • Packaging : 100gr
  • Automatic Shutdown For More Energy Saving
  • AVAILABILITY: in stock
  • Its use is indicated for people who need to monitor oxygen saturation such as patients with heart failure, bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease as well as for athletes.
  • Description: YICHANG Wholesale Fingertip Pulse Oximeter.The finger pulse oximeter measures non-invasively the oxygen saturation of the blood and the pulse of the human body through the artery of the fingers.


Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is a non-invasive device intended for the spot-check of oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SpO2) and the pulse rate of adult and pediatric patients in the home and hospital environments (including clinical use in internist/surgery, anesthesia, intensive care, etc.). This device is not intended for continuous monitoring.

Major Features

1)SpO2 value display
2)Pulse rate value display, bar graph display
3)Pulse waveform display
4)PI value display
5)The display mode can be changed
6)Low-voltage indication: low-voltage indicator appears before working abnormally which is due to low-voltage
7)Pulse sound indication and over-limit indication

Main performance

1) Display Mode:0.96" Dual-color OLED display(blue and yellow)
2) Screen Resolution:128*64
3) SpO2 Measuring Range:0%~100%, (the resolution is 1%).
   Accuracy:70%~100%:±2% ,Below 70% unspecified.
4) PR Measuring Range:30 bpm~250 bpm, (the resolution is 1 bpm)
   Accuracy:±2 bpm or ±2% (select larger)
5) PI Measuring Range: 0 %~ 20%
   Accuracy: When the PI measure range is 1%~20%, the permission of absolute error is ±1%
             When the PI measure range is 0%~0.9%, the permission of absolute error is ±0.2%
6) Measurement Performance in Weak Filling Condition: SpO2 and pulse rate can be shown correctly when the pulse-filling ratio is 0.4%. SpO2 error is ±4%, pulse rate error is ±2 bpm or ±2% (select larger).
7) Resistance to surrounding light: The deviation between the value measured in the condition of man-made light or indoor natural light and that of the darkroom is less than ±1%
8) Power Consumption: less than 80 mA
9) Voltage: DC 2.6 V - 3.6 V
10) Power Supply:1.5 V (AAA size) alkaline batteries × 2  
11) Safety Type:Interior Battery,BF Type


1)One hanging rope;
2)One User Manual.

Physical characteristic

Dimensions:60(L) × 30.5(W) × 32.5 (H) mm
Weight: About 50g (with the batteries)