Face Mask

  •  3 Ply Earloop Face Mask
  •  3 Ply Earloop Face Mask
  •  3 Ply Earloop Face Mask
  •  3 Ply Earloop Face Mask
 3 Ply Earloop Face Mask 3 Ply Earloop Face Mask 3 Ply Earloop Face Mask 3 Ply Earloop Face Mask

3 Ply Earloop Face Mask

  • Material: PP Meltblown + Nonwoven Fabric
  • Filter Rating: PFE≥98%;BFE≥99%
  • Size: 17.5cm*9.5cm
  • Standard: GB/T 32610-2016, YY 0469-2011, EN14683:2019, Type IIR
  • Description: YICHANG wholesale High-quality 3ply meltblown non-woven disposable surgical face mask to morn than 30 countries.

Products Description
Product name
Disposable 3 Ply Earloop Face Mask
Hospital, doctor protection, etc.
Ingredient Content
Outer layer (blue non-woven fabric), filter layer (melt-blown non-woven fabric), inner layer (white non-woven fabric)

*Adopting self-developed and produced nanocomposite filter material, all performance indicators are better than conventional products in the industry. The outermost water-proof layer effectively isolates the liquid, and the middle filter layer uses a nanocomposite filter material.

*Excellent, with good air permeability at the same time, the innermost comfort layer ensures the compatibility of materials, avoids skin allergic reactions, provides a refreshing and comfortable space for the skin, and sticks to protect and block viruses.
*ISO standard factory control production, built-in laboratory monitoring, 100,000-level cleanroom environmental manufacturing, ultra-low dander and pollution, high bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) 95%, using nanocomposite filter material, environmentally friendly non-woven fabric to make.

Why Choose Us

1. Material advantages: Relying on Tsinghua’s advanced nanotechnology research and application, the physical filtration efficiency of the nanocomposite membrane meltblown cloth produced is much higher than that of ordinary meltblown cloth, making our masks significantly higher in quality than ordinary meltblown cloth masks. , The price also has obvious advantages.

2. Strong technical research and development capabilities:

A highly efficient and innovative management team and a technical team relying on Tsinghua University can quickly develop products that customers require.

3. The workshop environment is clean:

the dust-free environment of the clean workshop can reach 10,000 grades of cleanliness. The whole production process, the whole process of indirect contact production, ensures the quality of the products.

4. Strong production capacity and fast response speed:

People can respond quickly according to customer needs, as well as redesign and optimize the arrangement and combination of existing production lines, so that trial production and mass production can be seamlessly connected. The company has more than 20 production lines with a daily production capacity of 2 million.