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What are Vinyl Gloves?

VINYL-GLOVESVinyl gloves do not contain latex and are a cost-effective alternative to Latex Gloves. They are not allergic and can be used by people with latex allergies. Vinyl gloves have limited protection against pathogens and pollutants, so they are only used in certain environments. These gloves are looser and uncomfortable than latex gloves. You can use vinyl gloves in the food and beverage industry because these industries have difficulty in contact with harsh chemicals and pollutants.

Vinyl gloves are also not suitable for long-term wear, as they are uncomfortable and can only provide limited protection. In the healthcare industry, do not use vinyl gloves because they cannot protect you from pathogens and body fluids.

Vinyl gloves allergy types

1. If an allergic reaction to vinyl gloves occurs in your workplace, it is almost certainly caused by contact urticaria-a skin irritation that is usually caused by sweating and is exacerbated by the lack of ventilation inside the gloves. Disposable gloves are likely to cause contact urticaria, as long as your fabric lining that wicks moisture in time can reduce the risk of susceptible contact urticaria and eczema.
2. If your vinyl gloves break during use, they can come into contact with chemicals and other irritants on the skin.
3. Petroleum is used in the production of vinyl gloves, and very few people are allergic to them.

The Best Remedy for Hand Allergies to Vinyl Gloves

In this case of contact allergy, the only way is to avoid contact. You don’t need to use this thing. If it is necessary to contact at work, use gloves to protect and isolate to avoid direct contact with the skin. Allergies that have occurred now can pass through the skin. Disinfection, oral administration of loratadine, and other methods improved. In addition, using TPE gloves instead of vinyl gloves is also a good choice.


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