Distinguish between true and false TPE coating materials

Coating is one of the most important forming methods or applications of TPE.Through the coating process, the various functions and characteristics of TPE materials can be fully displayed.Such as soft touch (such as handle and handle equipment), anti-skid (casters, coasters, anti-skid pads, foot pads), elasticity (such as keys), sealing (such as composite seals), other special functions (such as kitchen appliances with foldable storage function), etc.According to the structure of different products and the effect of different products, there are two different mechanisms, commonly known as real glue and false glue.


True pack adhesive refers to the soft TPE and hard plastic surface of the material fusion occurred.The mechanism of fusion is that TPE has similar polarity and compatibility with hard plastics, which enables TPE to fuse with hard plastics at the interface of binding when it is coated on the surface of hard plastics in the molten state.When melting occurs, the plastic coating is completed and the product cools down, TPE and hard plastic can be firmly formed into an integral component, which is difficult to be torn off with external forces, or can be torn off with great forces, but the TPE can not be peeled off at the cost of destroying THE TPE material.


False coating refers to TPE with hard plastic or other materials and does not require the above fusion effect to be achieved.The binding force between TPE and hard parts (also known as injection molding) can be enhanced by the use of suitable structures such as the integral coating of the parts, or by structural treatment of hard parts, such as adding holes and making grooves at the edge of the coating position.Soft plastic TPE,TPR and metal coating, is a false coating.TPE instead of rubber injection plastic wrap metal, whether the package, the key depends on the package structure.The higher the hardness of TPE, the more favorable it is for metal coating.


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