How to prevent disposable gloves allergy?

The beauty of Disposable gloves has been overshadowed by allergies.Among them, Latex Gloves allergy is the most common and most serious symptoms.Don't ignore gloves if you feel uncomfortable wearing them.Because allergies are not trivial, such as a severe latex allergy, which can lead to shock and even life threatening.According to statistics, the latex allergy rate of the general population is about 1~6% at present, the specific population has been as high as 11.5%~54%, latex allergy has become more common.

So, what is the most common gloves allergy?

I: The past and present lives of latex allergy

Allergies caused by latex gloves first appeared in 1979.Since the 1980s, in order to prevent AIDS, the use of latex gloves has exploded, latex allergy has become more "popular", and has even become an occupational disease in the medical industry.The first death from a latex allergy occurred in 1991.By 1992, 15 patients had died of latex allergy, according to incomplete records.

Latex allergy is a kind of immune reaction that occurs after contact with natural latex and its products.Minor damage to the skin at the contact site, such as dryness, burning, tingling, swelling, peeling, chapping, etc., is the precursor of latex allergy.It can develop into hypersensitivity reactions such as contact urticaria, rhinitis, asthma, conjunctivitis, etc.And delayed allergic reaction is usually more serious, contact parts appear erythema, erythema, eczema, herpes and other symptoms, can spread to the whole body, serious will cause shock, usually lasting for a long time.

II: The way to deal with glove allergy

Obviously, latex allergy is a major "hazard" to the use of disposable gloves, but allergies to other types of gloves can also have health implications.With the rapid increase in the use of disposable gloves, it is imperative that we understand what glove allergies are and adopt effective methods to prevent, relieve and even eliminate them.

Allergy caused by latex proteins

This allergy is common.Usually the user is allergic to latex.Moreover, the human skin, respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract and so on are easy to contact latex protein, itself is the latex allergy constitution, these parts should pay attention to avoid contact.
Solution: Use Nitrile gloves and other products instead of latex gloves to avoid hand itching, tingling and other allergies when wearing gloves.

Corn starch in gloves causes allergies

One reason for this allergy is that latex proteins in latex gloves attach to corn starch particles and spread in solid or aerosol form, causing allergies when they come into contact with the human body.On the other hand, it could be that some people are allergic to corn starch itself.
Solution: Use powder-free gloves for relief. Use powder-free nitrile gloves or other gloves for prevention.

Chemicals in gloves cause allergies

Latex gloves and nitrile gloves are manufactured with chemicals such as accelerants and antioxidants added.
Common promoters, such as carbamates and thiuram, can cause allergies.

Solution: Although this allergy is uncommon, use Vinyl Gloves or TPE gloves instead of latex and nitrile gloves.

Sweaty hands and tight gloves cause allergies

Wear for a long time, or the gloves are too tight, may cause itching, red and swollen hands and other allergic symptoms.
Solution: Change gloves in time and keep hands dry. If allergies develop, avoid touching gloves until symptoms disappear.
In addition, the gloves should be matched with the size of your hands. If you feel too tight, you should change to a larger model.

An allergy caused by an external environment

If your hands come into contact with allergenic substances, such as dishwashing detergent, disinfectant, perfume, soap, cosmetics, or jewelry, before wearing gloves, it may cause discomfort.
Solution: Don't use oily hand cream when wearing gloves;Wash your hands properly, use mild soap and dry thoroughly;
Do not reuse disposable gloves.

It is worth noting that once the symptoms of allergies appear, it is necessary to treat them in time and stop exposure to allergens until they heal.If recurrent allergic symptoms of glove use occur, effective methods should be used to avoid exposure to allergens.


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