Why TPE Gloves are widely used?

Everyone should be familiar with Disposable gloves. They are widely used in daily life. However, there are often some mistakes when using disposable gloves in daily life. Disposable gloves are also divided into disposable medical gloves and ordinary disposable gloves. Common disposable gloves are not as widely used as disposable medical gloves because disposable medical gloves are not only medical gloves, but can also be used as common disposable gloves. But there's no need to use disposable medical gloves if they don't need to be used in a hospital.


Scope: one-time the glove is suitable for household work, restaurant, beauty salon, food, electronics, electronic dust-free workshop, star hotel, factories, and other industries, can also be used to dye their hair, care washing, such as the dining room staff often have to take hand disposable PE gloves to keep health, and the doctor of the hospital surgery or do inspection are used, such as do department of gynecology...Disposable TPE gloves and disposable retainers are often used, as are many other industries that require hygiene.

Disposable gloves with the effect of oil, it is mainly used for factory, oil field, repair shop, such as disposable gloves do not contain latex protein, so as not to cause an allergic reaction, at the same time it has anti-static, aging resistance, and oil resistance properties, the modeling of glove hand type is designed according to the human body, has great sensitivity, good tensile properties and puncture resistance, high tensile strength, and good wear resistance.

Of course, some TPE gloves will also be produced to the standard of medical gloves and can also be used as medical gloves. Compared with the general medical gloves, it will be more useful and can replace the general inspection gloves in function. It is even more pronounced in the home, where surveys show families are keen on disposable TPE gloves. The gloves not only have good performance but also have certain advantages in the price of disposable medical gloves. It's cheaper. These are the reasons for a large number of disposable TPE gloves in the home.


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