Are tpe gloves latex free?

First,Are Latex Gloves bad?


Industrial latex gloves are toxic to a certain extent, because the adhesives and softeners added in the production process belong to chemical raw materials, have a certain toxicity, but the toxicity of latex gloves is generally not large.

The normal latex glove that uses in the life is requirement avirulent, insipeless, pollution-free commonly, the fake and inferior product that nevertheless partial businessman makes is still in sale, this kind of commodity is toxic big, odour is heavier, use for a long time harm health, had better choose the product that quality has safeguard when buying because of this.
In addition, latex gloves contain allergens, and some people who are allergic to rubber or latex may develop allergic symptoms such as red, swollen, and itchy hand skin due to the use of latex gloves. This is not poisoning, but it is recommended not to wear latex gloves for allergic people.

Second,Are TPE gloves latex free?


Tpe, short for thermoplastic elastomer, is commonly used as a soft plastic material for thermoplastic molding machines.The appearance of TPE is generally white, black, translucent or opaque round particles.Has the rubber high resilience, the high elasticity, colleague has the injection-processable characteristic material.Wide application range, good coloring, soft, good wear resistance, easy to process, environmental protection, non-toxic, safe, recyclable to reduce costs, in addition, TPE material is very stable properties, aging resistance, solvent resistance.It can be molded by injection molding in a second time. The raw material does not contain latex.

Third. Can TPE gloves replace latex gloves?

Latex gloves are more resistant to high temperatures than TPE gloves. If your work environment requires high temperatures, it is recommended that you wear TPE gloves to protect your hands before wearing latex gloves.In addition to this, TPE gloves can replace latex gloves.

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