The difference between face shields and face masks

The new crown pneumonia epidemic has touched everyone's heart, and the mask is an important protective measure we travel. In addition, some people will also wear a mask, so where is their difference?

1. The material is different

The medical mask typically has two materials, one is a plastic separator mask, and the other is a protective cover made of a polymer material. The medical mask is divided into medical protective masks, medical-Surgical Masks, and medical disposable masks, there are three-layer mechanisms: the outer layer is a non-woven fabric of the dust-proof drain, which is used to prevent foam from entering the mask inside; the middle layer is super filtration The fine polypropylene fiber melt-blown material can prevent microparticles; the inner layer is made of skinless nonwoven fabric.

2. Different effects

The effect of medical isolation masks mainly plays a certain protective effect for blocking body fluids, blood splash, or splash. Medical masks are generally preventive viruses, bacteria, etc., can also be used to prevent flu, respiratory disease spread. Be

3. Different protection positions

Medical masks can generally block the entire face so that the face is blocked with pollutants such as body fluids. The medical mask is mainly used to block the mouth and the nose, and it is probably to block half of the face.


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