What type of gloves do hospitals use?


Medical gloves may seem less obvious than other medical equipment, but they are a necessity in hospitals. Health care workers are in close contact with patients, and if not properly protected, there will be many potential diseases. Their hands need careful protection, so disposable medical gloves are a must for them.

Requirements for use of medical gloves

1, according to the needs of different operations, choose appropriate types and specifications of medical gloves;

2. Wear clean gloves when touching blood, body fluids, secretions, excreta, vomit, and contaminated objects of patients;

3. Sterile medical gloves should be worn when performing aseptic operations such as surgery or contacting patients with damaged skin and mucous membranes;

4. Disposable medical gloves should be used once and discarded immediately after use.

Precastions for using medical gloves

1. Medical gloves should be replaced between patients with a different diagnosis, treatment, and care.

2. After the operation, remove the medical gloves and wash hands according to the prescribed procedures and methods. Wearing medical gloves cannot replace hand washing, and hand disinfection should be carried out when necessary.

3. If the medical gloves are found damaged during operation, they should be replaced in time.

4. When wearing sterile medical gloves, gloves should be prevented from contamination.

Gloves used in medical treatment must pass the strict certification, with a food and drug safety certification (FDA certification) certificate, to ensure the safety of use.

And some special medical gloves, also need to meet the sterilization, single pack, and other protective standards, to meet the strict hygiene requirements.

In general, medical disposable Nitrile gloves, Latex Gloves, vinyl gloves can be used as inspection gloves.

The latex glove material is natural and highly elastic, providing unique comfort.

Nitrile gloves can remember the shape of the hand, fit the hand, and feel comfortable to wear.

The cost advantage of Vinyl Gloves is more prominent, and it is comfortable to wear, has a good protection effect, and has a high performance-price ratio. The momentum of market growth is more obvious.


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