Instructions for disposable TPE gloves

Disposable TPE gloves function:

1. Smooth inside and easy to wear;

2. Good adhesion, acid and alkali resistance and oil resistance;

3. Good tension, strong and durable.


Disposable TPE gloves Instructions:

1. The product has no right or left hand. Please select the appropriate specifications of gloves.

2. When wearing gloves, please do not wear rings or other decorations, and pay attention to manicure;

3. This product is only for one-time use;Please dispose of used products as garbage to prevent bacteria from polluting the environment.

Notes for disposable TPE gloves:

1. TPE materials are flammable. Please keep away from places with fire and high temperature.

2. Pay attention to avoid being cut by sharp objects during use, so as not to affect the function of gloves.

3. Do not contact with chemicals harmful to the product;

4.Direct exposure to strong light, such as sunlight or ULTRAVIOLET light, is strictly prohibited.


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