What is the best material for disposable gloves?

The use of Disposable gloves is more convenient, convenient, and better to avoid hand contact with the outside world, can make you and your family more safe and secure, and do not need to clean to avoid the inconvenience caused by secondary use. And the correct and reasonable use of disposable gloves can effectively prevent virus infection. Some viruses can be spread by contact. The use of gloves can cut off this transmission route.


Natural rubber latex, nitrile, vinyl and TPE are the most widely used disposable glove materials. Each material has features that make it ideal for specific applications. Natural rubber latex is a processed plant product. Latex Gloves offer reliable barrier protection, consistent fit and flexibility.

Considering the cost performance of disposable gloves, I recommend TPE gloves. Disposable TPE gloves contain no latex, smooth inside, easy to wear. Good adhesion, resistance to acid, alkali and oil. They are both ambidextrous. Good tensile force, strong and durable. Low ion content; No protein, no allergic reaction to human skin; Non-toxic, harmless; Strong and durable, good adhesion. Applicable to electronics, chemical industry, hospital, scientific research, food handing and other industries.


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