The history and facts about nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves were first introduced in the mid-1990s. They were designed to provide better protection against harsh chemicals. Using butadiene monomers and acrylonitrile, a more chemical resistant disposable glove was made. The materials used to create these gloves also provide individuals with a great alternative to latex which many have allergies to. Even the prolonged use of Latex Gloves may cause a professional to form an allergy to the material. The purpose of nitrile gloves’ creation wasn’t to replace latex gloves, but to offer a more quality, durable glove to the industries that need better chemical resistant hand protection. Below, are some facts about nitrile gloves to help you better understand their significance.

Even with their durability, the comfort and flexibility provided by nitrile gloves is close in comparison to latex gloves:
  • They last longer than latex gloves
  • They provide a great alternative for professionals allergic to latex
  • They come in different varieties (including powder-free), sizes and colors
  • Nitrile is widely used in other products too such as shoes, adhesives, sealants and more
  • Nitrile gloves protect against harsh chemicals and pollutants
  • They are 3x stronger than latex gloves and about 5x more puncture resistant
  • They cause little to no skin irritation
  • The synthetic material makes it easier to put on and remove the Disposable gloves
  • YIGLOVES bulk nitrile gloves are FDA approved for the medical and food industries

Bulk Nitrile Gloves believes in the YIGLOVES product line so much that we offer our seal of approval and guaranteed satisfaction. The quality and affordability of bulk nitrile gloves has led us to distribute globally as of 2010. We know that these quality gloves provide professionals with more protection with the same comfort as disposable latex gloves. We offer all of our customers an affordable way to purchase nitrile gloves in bulk. In fact, we guarantee the lowest prices! Since we continuously expand as a distributor for YIGLOVES nitrile disposable gloves, we’re able to provide fast deliveries. We do whatever we can to remain highly competitive to ensure that our quality made nitrile gloves are available to industries all over.


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