What is disposable apron?

Product process:

Disposable apron adopts ultraviolet disinfection and other technologies. There are ventilation facilities in the workshop. The production strictly follows the GMP's good operation standards. This product is sealed and cut, after one-time molding, it is put into storage by ultraviolet disinfection package, and the product is tested by the epidemic prevention department to meet the "medical and health disinfection standard".

Product Description:

New material production, surface embossing, with other additives refined processing, gloves surface is concave or flat, bright color, transparent, uniform thickness, easy to wear, comfortable.

Product features:

Waterproof, oil proof, dustproof, widely used in family kitchen conditioning, clean and sanitary, easy to wear, economical, and practical. And acid and alkali resistant, cocoa is effective in protecting clothes, skin from harm, and food hygiene.


Application fields:

Disposable apron is suitable for home kitchen, food processing, and conditioning, hair dyeing, care, and washing, cleaning and taking, hospital, major stores, hotels, medical and health care, family life, paint protection, beauty salon


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