What are the special requirements of food grade gloves?

In food processing enterprises, workers are required to wear disposable food grade gloves to ensure production safety and hygiene.In the process of food processing, gloves are directly or indirectly in contact with food, so there are some special requirements for food-grade gloves, including the following aspects:


1. Conform to international standards

Disposable gloves that pass the SGS food standard test are the entry threshold of food grade gloves and can be used for direct contact with food.

2. The color should be differentiated and easy to manage

Blue disposable Nitrile gloves are best.Blue is a food safe color, making it easier to tell if the food has been mixed with glove fragments.At the same time, facilitate the food processing industry personnel to supervise the operation process, greatly improve the safety of food production.

3. Must have the oil resistance

Some meat processing enterprises, more oil, contaminated hands are difficult to clean.Disposable TPE gloves with good grease resistance have excellent permeability resistance and can effectively block oil.

4. Must have anti-puncture performance

Workers in the food processing industry will inevitably come into contact with sharp and sharp tools. Disposable food grade gloves with good puncture proof performance can protect the hand safety of personnel to a certain extent.However, it is recommended to use anti-cutting Food gloves when it involves more dangerous machines, such as large meat slicers.


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