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The fingertips of gloves that are too large are much longer than the fingers, which can block the line of sight and cause errors or hazards, while crumbs from the gloves fall into the product and cause contamination problems. Large gloves affect finger dexterity, making it difficult to hold objects properly and even allowing them to slip off completely. Wearers put pressure on the gloves to prevent them from slipping, which can increase hand fatigue and even sprain.

Too small to cause hand discomfort and limit movement, and wearers may need to remove gloves at certain times to relieve hand discomfort, increasing the risk of injury or contamination; Affects hand blood circulation, increases hand perspiration, and increases the risk of skin problems; Significantly reduces glove life.

In and out of the medical glove industry, there are some words that we don't understand about medical gloves, like sterile gloves No.7, or medical glove No.7, but it's not just a No.7.It runs from the 7th to the 11th, and a lot of people don't know what it means. Right? It probably has something to do with the size of medical gloves. It's not hard to understand, just because of the regional differences, in addition to these, we also know X, M.It's just two different size nouns that are different but the same size.

Before you understand how your gloom is compared with your hand, you will first learn how to measure your hands. When measuring, please take the palm of the palm, and measure the handle width from the root of the thumb. Then from the center point of the middle finger downwards, the distance between the palm and the wrist, the length is measured.

The glove size measuring picture is as follows:


So this is the size classification of medical gloves, whether it's sterile Latex Gloves or Vinyl Gloves, or TPE gloves, there's a uniform standard of size. Doctors and nurses choose gloves according to the size of their hands. Even if they don't know, they can try more than a few pairs to know what size medical gloves are suitable for them. They will remember them in the future.


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