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New Vinyl Gloves, Better Performance than Traditional Vinyl Gloves

New Vinyl Gloves Benefits & Advantage :

1.Light weight and less volume for storage

2.Phthalate and powder-free and latex free

3.Very Economic , more than half less cost than old vinyl gloves

4.Best alternative to vinyl gloves and Nitrile gloves and Latex Gloves

5.Disposable and durable

6.DOP and DINP free

7.Soft grip, Smooth,waterproof, prevent oil, acid

8.Alkali resistance, safe, non-toxic

9.Good Fit on hand and fingertips

10.Safe for use with food

11.California prososition 65 compliant

12.Recyclable and environment friendly

13.Ambidextrous design

14.ANSI LEVEL 1 Abrasion resistance

15.Straight cuff for easy donning and doffing

16.High stretchability

Applications :

1、Food Preparation

2、Food service

3、Food service stations

4、Hair Salons



7、Nail Salons

8、Nursing hygiene

9、Retail checkout

10、Retail restocking


12、Transportation standardization agency (TSA)

13、Transportation and distribution

Its good opportunity chance to occupy the market if you lack of store of traditional Vinyl Gloves. Our New Vinyl Gloves has millions daily capacity and competitive price by compare to old one.

Prouduct link: https://www.ycmedi.com/product/TPE-Gloves.html


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