The difference between surgical gowns and isolation gowns

Isolation Gown and surgical gowns are both to cut off the link between the source of the disease and the susceptible. It is a measure to cut off the source of infection, protect healthy people or meet the needs of product production. Many people don't know the difference between the two.


1. Different fabrics

Isolation gown: Mainly contains conductive silk fabrics, gabardine, gauze, TYVEK (acid and alkali resistant), etc.
Surgical gowns: Mainly include natural materials such as cotton, wool, silk, and lead, synthetic materials such as rubber, plastic, resin, and synthetic fiber, to contemporary new functional materials and composite materials.

2. Different applicable objects

Isolation gown: It is protective equipment used by medical staff to avoid contamination by blood, body fluids, and other infectious substances when they come in contact with it, and also to protect patients from infection.
Surgical gowns: It is disposable protective equipment worn by medical staff when they are in contact with patients with Class A or infectious diseases managed by Class A infectious diseases.

3. Different features

Isolation gown: Generally designed with a cap, good air permeability, good moisture permeability, can prevent the penetration of fine dust and liquid while allowing the penetration of water vapor. Isolation gown itself does not generate dust, does not stick to dust, has good barrier properties, high density, high strength, and can effectively sterilize and sterilize.
Surgical gowns: It has the characteristics of impermeability, good air permeability, high strength, and high hydrostatic pressure resistance.

4. Different uses

Isolation gown: Widely used in clean workshops in electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, bioengineering, optics, aerospace, aviation, color tube, semiconductor, precision machinery, plastics, painting, hospitals, environmental protection, and other industries. There are a variety of colors and specifications suitable for different Anti-static or clean environments.
Surgical gowns: Mainly used in firefighting, military, shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical, painting, cleaning and disinfection, laboratories, and other industries and departments.


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