What are nitrile gloves?

nitrile-glovesThe nitrile glove is also known as Dingqing gloves. It is a safety protective glove made of nitrile rubber materials. It has excellent anti-organic chemical properties, physical properties, anti-static properties, is comfortable, generally used in hard works, Diagnosis, food companies, housework live work, chemical plant, aquaculture industry, FRP products, and their scientific research. Nitrile gloves are one of the vulcanized rubber gloves, but there is a certain difference with the general vulcanized rubber gloves in materials, characteristics, and main uses. Let's take a look at the characteristics of nitrile gloves!

First, introduction

The nitrile glove is a glove made of a composite nitrile rubber (NBR) that produces production and manufacturing, which is a chemical substance that is derived from a different molecular structure fusion. In terms of nitrile rubber, scientists fuse butadiene and acrylonitrile according to the aggregation process. This molecular structure gives the characteristics of gloves: acrylonitrile increases acid, but butadiene has created coordination ability and tear resistance.

Second, characteristics of nitrile gloves

1. Have excellent anti-organic chemical properties, prevent alkalinity of PH acid, give excellent organ chemical safety protection for corrosion chemicals such as organic solvents, crude oil.
2. Good physical performance, excellent return, anti-stamping, anti-wear performance.
3. Style comfortable, with the humanized design gloves and bending fingers, make comfortable to the blood circulation system.
4. No protein, hydroxy chemical, and his harm, very few skin allergies.
5. Short solubility is short, very easy to solve, beneficial environmental protection.
6. No silicon ingredients have certain anti-static properties, suitable for manufacturing manufacturers in the electronics industry.
7. The surface organic chemical residue is low, the positive ionic component is low, the particulate material is small, and the harsh cleanroom natural environment is applied.

Third, the scope of application

Housework, electronic, chemical, water industry, glass, food, and other industries, hospital, research, and other industries.


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