How to properly use nitrile gloves?

We all know that Nitrile gloves have many uses, and we often come into contact with nitrile gloves in our daily life. There are several aspects that we should pay attention to in the process of using nitrile gloves.
1.Nitrile gloves are relatively thin. When putting on the gloves, we should not exert too much force. We should put them on gently until the gloves are close to our hands. Take it off gently along the direction of the relaxed hands;

2.Although nitrile gloves have the performance of puncture resistance, in the process of use, you should pay extra attention to cleaning things with sharp thorns. It is best to avoid contact with this kind of product as far as possible. Very sharp thorns can also puncture gloves.

3.Nitrile gloves can be recycled for a second time after cleaning. Therefore, the gloves to be recycled need to be properly kept and processed in a short time during the recycling process, to improve the recycling rate of benefits.


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