Are latex gloves toxic?The precautions for the use of latex gloves?

1. Are Latex Gloves toxic?

Industrial latex gloves have certain toxicity, because the adhesive and softener added in the production process are chemical raw materials, with a certain toxicity, but the toxicity of latex gloves is generally not large.
Normal latex gloves used in life are generally non-toxic, tasteless, and pollution-free, but some businesses are still selling fake and shoddy products, such commodities are toxic, the smell is heavier, long-term use is harmful to health, so it is best to choose quality guaranteed products when buying.
In addition, latex gloves contain allergens. Some people who are allergic to rubber or latex may have allergic symptoms such as red, swollen, and itchy skin on their hands due to wearing latex gloves. Data show that the rate of latex allergy in the general population of the world is about 1 to 6%. If allergic, it is recommended not to wear latex gloves.

Disposable-Latex-Gloves Powder-Free

2. What are the precautions for the use of latex gloves?

Latex gloves are a kind of professional protective gloves, can bring a lot of conveniences and play a good protective role, but the use of latex gloves should also pay attention to some matters, to avoid bringing harm to us:

1, Avoid contact with chemicals, such as acid, alkali, organic solvents, etc., some drugs or chemical solvents will be dissoluble to latex gloves, thereby degrading latex gloves, resulting in human exposure to infectious substances.
2, In the treatment of infectious substances when the choice of powder-free and low protein latex gloves, can reduce the risk of allergy, but it should be noted that low allergy latex gloves only reduce the allergic reaction caused by chemical additives in latex gloves, and can not completely hinder latex allergy.
3, When wearing latex gloves, do not use oily skin care products or toner, do not wear rings or other hand ornaments, pay attention to manicure nails, to avoid damage to latex gloves.
4. Disposable latex gloves can not be worn repeatedly, and the time of wearing each time should avoid being too long. If disposable latex gloves are medical gloves, the products after use should be treated as medical waste to prevent bacteria or viruses from polluting the environment.
5, Wearing latex gloves and sweat will cause hand discomfort, so people who are easy to sweat on their hands should first wear gloves made of the sweat absorption material, and then wear latex gloves.
6. Wash hands with mild soap when removing latex gloves and dry them completely.
7, Latex allergy or rubber allergy patients should not wear latex gloves, latex allergy symptoms are rash, redness, urticaria, itching, respiratory symptoms, eye irritation, shock, and other life-threatening reactions.


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