Is TPE material toxic?

Tpe itself is non-toxic, but PVC with phthalic plasticizers is toxic.In daily life, TPE products commonly seen by people are usually raw materials like TPES elastomer alloy, which has no special requirements and is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.The soft PVC that adds plasticizer nevertheless needs careful treatment.

According to the composition structure, TPE can be divided into two categories: polymerization type and blend type.

Polymerized TPE refers to a polymer TPE in which chemical intermediates or small molecular monomers are linked together to form a polymer TPE by polymerization under certain conditions (such as temperature, pressure, catalyst, medium, etc.).

Common polymerized TPE types include styrene thermoplastic elastomers (SEBS), SBS, SIS, SEPS, SEEPS, etc.Thermoplastic polyurethane TPU;Thermoplastic polyester elastomer TPEE;Polyamide elastomer TPAE and so on.


Blending TPE means that TPE is an elastomer alloy made by blending two or more materials.

Blending TPE mainly includes: TPE-S!SEBS, SBS polymerization TYPE TPE direct molding difficult.TPES elastomer alloy with different functional properties is usually blended with SEBS and SBS as the basic material, adding PP, PS, operating oil, compatibilizer, functional assistant, etc., which is widely used in daily use, cable, toy, shoe material, electronics and other industries.

TPO is an elastomer alloy made by blending polyolefin with rubber.Such as PP+EPDM alloy, PP+NBR alloy;TPVC PVC elastomer.Divided into two small categories, one is hard PVC adding plasticizer made of soft PVC elastomer, the other is PVC and other polymer materials blend made of elastomer alloy, such as PVC+NBR.


TPE is non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, they are now widely used in Disposable gloves industry, if you need disposable TPE gloves, you are welcome to contact us.

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