Is eating crayfish with disposable TPE gloves too extravagant?

Many people have had the experience of eating crayfish in Disposable gloves and still leaking oil.It makes a lot of people angry, we wear disposable gloves and eat crayfish just to make it clean and convenient.But there's an oil leak. Isn't that just doing something meaningless?It would be better not to wear it, wouldn't it?But in this case, there's always a way out. Just switch to a glove that doesn't leak oil once.


So what should I switch to?Disposable TPE gloves are the best choice because they are not disposable gloves, but disposable TPE inspection gloves that can be used as medical gloves in hospitals. Eating crayfish with these gloves will not leak oil unless you have to rip the gloves.Otherwise, there would be no oil leakage without the gloves being broken. Do you know why TPE gloves don't leak oil?One way to think about it is that disposable gloves are made up of a lot of small molecules, but the gaps between the molecules in disposable TPE gloves are much tighter than in normal disposable plastic gloves (there are gaps between the molecules that we just can't see).So normal plastic gloves leak, but TPE gloves don't leak.


However, there must be a question hanging over everyone right now: is it too expensive to eat crayfish with disposable TPE gloves? Is it too expensive?It is impossible to say that TPE gloves are cheaper than ordinary plastic gloves, but the difference is not too great. It is certain that TPE gloves are expensive because of their superior performance.In fact, for those selling crayfish, it is more cost-effective to use disposable TPE gloves. Although TPE gloves are slightly more expensive, the dining experience of diners will be increased.You'll get a lot of good reviews, and you'll increase your chances of coming back.

In contrast, TPE gloves are more suitable for use as disposable gloves when eating.This is not luxury at all.


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