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Yichang Mouth Shields are helpful to catering practitioners

Catering service practitioners directly contact the food entrance, some employees should face diners directly, they wear Mouth Shield in their work, not only beneficial to prevent viral spread, disease infection but also protect food safety. Especially the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the past year more demonstrates the importance of catering services to wear mouth shields and do health monitoring.

YICHANG mouth shield:


1. Transparent mask is made of transparent, non-toxic, tasteless food-grade materials that are environment-friendly, and have good looks and are lightweight, and are easy to wear.

2. Has a certain space with the face, by ergonomic design, eliminating hot feeling, not causing secondary pollution due to mouth secretions from nose and mouth. The wearer can talk freely, and will not be embarrassed for bad breath odor to increase self-confidence.

3. Can effectively block all kinds of invisible harmful bacteria and emitted droplets during unconscious communicating to avoid an unpleasant feeling brought to customers.

4. Facial expressions can be seen through the transparent mask. Can neither block nor erase women's makeup to increase self-confidence and demonstrate courtesy and respect to others.

5. Product replacement Chin Brace is detachable, reusable, no waste, more environmentally friendly, reduces operating costs, and ensures a healthy environment and economical use. It is an affordable and comfortable product to wear and easy to carry but also abandons the traditional gauze masks with many shortcomings.

6. Professional Transparent Sanitary Cover Mask for Food processing plant Catering services, Restaurant, Franchise Restaurant, Catering, Food Demonstrator, Tattoo, Permanent Makeup, Beauty services, Hairdressing services, nail shop, Serving, Day spas, Hotel, Medical, Dental. We also would recommend this for anyone in need of a mask for day-to-day home purposes, or even in business settings in which masks are needed.


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