Are nitrile gloves better than vinyl gloves?

nitrile-gloves vs vinyl-gloves

Many in the food industry use disposable gloves to protect their hands when processing food, but many prefer to use Nitrile gloves. Only a few will use disposable Vinyl Gloves. Let's find out!

1. Low overall cost:

The total cost of nitrile gloves is lower than the total cost of vinyl. The nitrile material is more durable, strong, and lasts longer. Vinyl gloves are not durable, do not break easily, and do not fit properly. Nitrile gloves can be used for 3-4 hours in a food processing environment, while vinyl gloves can only be used for 1 hour or less. Vinyl gloves are only suitable for short-term or single-use use, such as making sandwiches. It is two to three times more frequent than nitrile gloves. While single vinyl gloves are said to cost less than nitrile gloves, the actual total cost of nitrile gloves can be lower depending on the frequency of replacement.

2.Food safety:

Comparison of food safety between blue vinyl gloves and transparent vinyl gloves in terms of color: The main reason why blue vinyl gloves are used in food processing plants is that they are easier to see than transparent ones. Blue nitrile gloves are used in the cutting of fresh foods, baking, and processing of meat. If fragments of clear vinyl gloves or Latex Gloves are found in food, food safety can be affected.

3.Flexibility and touch from processed foods:

Nitrile gloves are exceptionally flexible and feel better than vinyl gloves. Nitrile gloves are more convenient and flexible for a variety of food processing tasks. Unlike nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves are looser, and nitrile gloves feel better. Using vinyl gloves affects productivity compared to nitrile gloves.


Comparison of long-term food processing operations and fast food service: Nitrile gloves are best suited for long-term food processing. It is durable and has a long service life. Blue is an obvious color that does not easily contaminate food. Vinyl gloves should only be used for tasks such as sandwich making and should last for less than an hour. It is important to distinguish between these two uses so that you can choose different materials for each of them.


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