The performance of the disposable glove you need to know


Glove performance:

1. Such as grip strength, strength, durability, flexibility, heat insulation, antifreeze, and so on.

2. Gripping is one of the biggest preconditions for gloves in the food industry, and gloves are often made with different fingertip materials to improve grip. Product slippage can lead to contamination, wear and tear, and possibly injury to the feet.

3. Soft gloves with high touch sensitivity for handling delicate ingredients and quick handling of small items. For this type of food process, speed and accuracy are key.

4. Gloves commonly used materials: such as polyethylene film, nitrile, natural rubber, PVC, TPE, special fabric, insulation material, cutting material, etc.

Identify risks

Risk factors for a hand injury in the workplace typically include chemical soaking injuries, direct handling of contaminated materials, contact with contaminated surfaces, splash injuries when handling liquids or powders, wet practices that require frequent hand washing, and exposure to irritant materials that may cause allergic reactions.

Three methods are suggested for identification: please let the leaders and management technicians wear gloves to operate, and then give advice; Assign personnel to observe on-site and write down risk factors; Communicate with field operators for possible issues and risks that may be overlooked.


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