Which disposable gloves are anti-static?

In the field of gloves, there will inevitably be some jobs or positions that require static electricity to be avoided. For example, in the medical industry, many positions need to contact precision instruments, which is easy to generate static electricity, so we must prevent the generation of static electricity. Do you know of any Disposable gloves that are anti-static?

Now I will give you one by one to recommend some anti-static gloves, Latex Gloves prestigious in disposable gloves, latex is USES the purely natural latex, although has good elasticity, however, no anti-static function, Nitrile gloves are all disposable gloves in performance is relatively close to latex gloves, by 100% of the chemical synthetic latex, latex gloves are not only elastic 3 to 5 times, and antistatic performance is also one of the best in the disposable gloves. Still have is PVC glove also is antistatic, but the antistatic sex of PVC glove is inferior to nitrile glove, can use under proper environment only. Finally, TPE gloves are made of polymer material and have excellent anti-static properties.


In summary, disposable gloves to prevent static electricity gloves are nitrile gloves, PVC gloves, TPE gloves, but remember, as a single glove must be very thin, do not do absolute insulation, because the current has a certain penetration, disposable gloves can only prevent the generation of static electricity during work.

Anti-static disposable gloves application area:
Applicable to workplaces and electronic products such as weak current, precision instrument assembly, product examination, etc., various research institutions, etc.
It is mainly used in an anti-static environment such as an electron, instrumentation, and other industries that need to be operated in need to use the anti-static environment.


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