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YICHANG has been awarded “China Famous Trademark”

YICHANG cooperated with Fujino Hidemi,the famous doctor and doctoral supervisor of medicine at Japan Kobe University,in the field of household chemicals.Cooperation includes research on the formula of household chemical products,such as shampoo and shower gel,animal skin irritation testing and patent licensing.

YICHANG DONGGUAN production base officially put into production on September 18,2017.The expansion of the second phase was completed in 2018.The production base integrates with food-grade clean workshop,intelligent production equipment,multi-functional research and development center,and advanced storage system.
The expansion of the second phase of-yichang
YICHANG SHENZHEN production base is located in Langya development zone,chuzhou city,covering an area of 100 mu.The production base is equipped with advanced production equipment and various testing instruments.Additionally,it has obtained the medical equipment production qualification.


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