what nitrile gloves used for?


Food processing industry: Employees must wear safe, food-grade disposable Nitrile gloves when producing and handling food. Nitrile gloves are the most appropriate.

Electronics manufacturing: The reason gloves are necessary for most of the electronics industry is that they are good at blocking fingerprints. Sweat and dirty hands reduce the rate of product damage, nitrile gloves do not pose any health threat to the human body are the first choice for electronics companies. Another is the use of disposable nitrile gloves, which are good for grasping small parts and blocking light oil and harmful substances.

Laboratory: The laboratory will test various substances. Generally, the laboratory staff will wear Disposable gloves and most of them will choose nitrile gloves. The reason is that there is no odor, no allergy, good hand adhesion, and good elasticity, and there is finger anesthesia or general anesthesia which can grasp various objects and tools very well. The biggest benefit is to block and isolate threatening objects to the hand, liquids, etc...Most of the lab's customers now choose nitrile disposable gloves

Cleanroom: The cleanroom industry has high requirements for gloves. They will require the testing certificate of clean gloves provided by the supplier mainly depends on the amount of dust content in the air per cubic meter and the content of microorganisms in the cleanroom that produces clean gloves. Whether the clean gloves can reach the level of 1000 and 100 can be tested by professional institutions and testing equipment grade 10 to meet the corresponding customer.


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