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Production Process: Power Gloves VS Powder Free Gloves

After cleaning the hand mold, latex impregnation, curl, and detachable processes, the production of disposable Latex Gloves is completed. However, due to the reasons for gloves, the last step is needed to wear. There are many ways to complete the final step, such as powder, chlorination, polymer coating, or polyurethane finish.

Power Gloves


As the name suggests, when using gloves, the powder can absorb the user's sweat to make it easy to take. In the past, most of them had a powder hand mode, so the gloves produced had a powder. However, with the advancement of technology, the glove will apply to the food-grade corn starch to reduce the sensitivity of the user. But the powder gloves are not suitable for biological science and chemical treatment. Therefore, YICHANG took another way of processing.


Polyurethane is coated inside the glove, which reduces the adhesion of the powder on the glove to make gloves more convenient to take.

Powder Free Gloves


Chlorination is a powderless treatment method belonging to Disposable gloves. We will first clean your gloves with chlorine solution or hypochlorite solution, and then rinse to prevent chemical solutions and gloves. This process reduces the adhesive amount of gloves and makes the gloves softer.
This process was originally developed for latex gloves. With the advancement of technology, after the Nitrile gloves came out, the process also applies to nitrile gloves, such as Yichang disposable nitrile gloves.

Polymer coating

On the market, it is a wide range of applications for polymer coatings in the market. Most of the current disposable gloves are powered. These coatings include several polymers: silicone, acrylic resins, and gels that make gloves easier to wear. This process is currently used in nitrile gloves and latex gloves. The YICHANG gloves and latex gloves use this process.

In short, "Shi powder, chlorination, polymer coating, polyurethane" can make disposable gloves easier and more comfortable, and can reduce the stimulation of proteins to users.


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