How to choose food processing gloves?

In recent years, there has been a high incidence of food safety accidents, and people pay more and more attention to hidden food safety hazards and attach great importance to food raw materials, working environment, and operation steps in the whole process of food processing. In addition, there is growing concern about the safety problems faced by workers in the production of processed food. Many companies require workers to wear protective Food gloves, not only to provide adequate maintenance but also to prevent food contamination and the spread of food-borne pathogens.

So, for food processing companies, how to choose suitable food processing gloves is a very difficult point worth thinking about. Select food processing gloves, comfort is one of the most important elements, if food gloves wear uncomfortable or is not a professional used in this work, operators' wear intention is lower. And improper arm safety protection, or even exposed hands to carry out the actual operation, will make operators more likely to be injured or food materials exposed to environmental pollution.


Therefore, in the selection of food gloves to take into account the specific production of manufacturing conditions. The factors affecting the comfort of protective gloves are varied, including compatibility, dexterity, and sensitivity. Improving the material and manufacturing process of protective gloves will make protective gloves not only light but also ergonomic. Some protective gloves are coated with polypropylene filaments that bend the fingers to suit the specific shape of the arm, are designed to be more ergonomically accurate and easily accessible for comfort.

For seafood, poultry meat, raw potatoes, or other vegetables and fruits with a muddy surface, likely, gloves with a surface design, grain, or garment printing surface will have to be used to increase the grip on the arm. Excellent products can reduce the work pressure needed to drill food, on the contrary, can reduce arm fatigue, improve the work efficiency of operators. Most of these protective gloves are made of natural latex mattresses, nitrile butadiene rubber, or a mixture of materials.

Different colors are selected for some protective gloves so that operators and control personnel can identify them at will. Livestock meat, for example, and the more showy dark blue gloves in other food processing fields would make it easier to determine whether particulate matter from the gloves is polluting the food. Food processing gloves selection is not to be ignored, not only related to the safety of operators, but also related to food safety production accidents, so food processing plants should not only understand wearing gloves but also should understand the selection of gloves.YICHANG food gloves are made following U.S.FDA detection standards. They are of solid quality and comfortable to wear, light and efficient.


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