How are nitrile gloves made?

Nitrile gloves have excellent physical properties and chemical resistance.They are comfortable to wear and rarely cause allergies.They are widely used in medical treatment, food processing, catering services, daily cleaning, printing and dyeing, laboratory and electronic product processing.Nitrile gloves offer many advantages and are arguably the leader in disposable protective gloves.So how did nitrile gloves come about?Let's learn about the production process of nitrile gloves.

Nitrile gloves are mainly made by dipping nitrile latex, molding, curing, surface treatment, dust-free cleaning and other processes.The specific production process is as follows:

1.The preferred material for nitrile gloves is nitrile rubber, which is made from an emulsion polymerization of butadiene and acrylonitrile.

2. Wash the hand mould: wash the hand mould with acid first, wash first, alkali wash, wash again, etc.After washing the hand mold, it should be dried or dried before entering the next process.

3. Impregnate the nitrile latex to give the glove shape.That is, a hand mold is immersed in a container of nitrile, heated at high temperatures, and dried after forming gloves.

4.We need to prepare the glove curl to facilitate putting on and taking off the glove.

5.After the above steps, nitrile gloves have been formed, but not yet successful, a key step: chlorine washing.Chlorine cleaning removes the stickiness from the surface of the gloves, making them softer and smoother, which is why nitrile gloves are easy to wear.

6. The nitrile gloves were separated from the hand model and a pair of gloves was created.

The whole process is much the same, but it's not over yet.Nitrile gloves also need to undergo a range of tests, including puncture test, wear test, corrosion test, tear force test value, gram weight and pinhole test.


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