Do TPE gloves not work well? Why are they rarely used

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about Disposable gloves is eating every meal at a barbecue, and we're wearing disposable gloves when we eat these things, and these disposable gloves are usually PE gloves, which we all know as normal plastic gloves.Disposable gloves can help us avoid oil stains and even wear disposable gloves when cleaning the house.But these are just ordinary plastic gloves, oil proof is not good, many people are joking that it is better not to wear, wear or wash their hands.Regular plastic gloves won't protect you from oil, so why not replace them with one that will?TPE gloves are the closest in shape and performance to plastic gloves among disposable gloves, but some do not. Tpe gloves seem to have been developed to address the shortcomings of plastic gloves.It's kind of an upgrade of the plastic gloves.


Not only are TPE gloves better than plastic gloves in terms of wear resistance, they are also better than plastic gloves in terms of oil insulation.So why do so few people use TPE gloves?Is it too expensive?No, no TPE gloves are about the same price as plastic gloves, and some are even cheaper.So why is that?

good flexibility

Because plastic gloves are so ingrained in us that it's become a habit to use them whether they're good or not.Even the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about disposable gloves is plastic gloves, which can kill the cradle of a good TPE glove that only a few people know or need.The root cause is that TPE gloves are not well known, and no one knows how to use them, no matter how powerful they are.


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