Are powdered gloves bad?


Medical gloves, both with and without powder, are often used in medical examinations or diagnostics. However, studies have shown that the powder used in powdered gloves can be dangerous, causing allergies and infections in people. Therefore, powder-free gloves should be used in medical treatment. Let's take a look at the dangers of powder gloves.

Contact dermatitis

Prolonged exposure to glove powder may have serious effects on the user's skin. Glove powder may significantly reduce skin moisture and dry out the skin, which is the first sign of irritation. Glove powder may also damage hand epidermal cells by absorbing fat-like substances that maintain normal cell cohesion. When epidermal protection is compromised, the permeability of chemicals and other allergens increases.

Studies have shown that using powder-free gloves instead of powder-covered gloves can reduce symptoms of eczema and itchiness in the hands.

Latex allergy or asthma

The powder on the gloves has the properties of absorbing natural latex (NRL) protein antigens. When gloves are put on and removed, the allergen/protein powders disperse in smoke. Inhalation or ingestion of the powder may cause natural latex allergy or multiple allergic reactions (such as upper respiratory tract infection or eye irritation).

Cost is often a major factor in the selection of gloves, but the risk of allergenic sensitization should be considered more. Studies have pointed out that the use of low-allergen powder-free gloves to eliminate the powder used in gloves in the environment is the most important measure to prevent and treat allergies.

Dentine binder

Studies have shown that powder in gloves can reduce the adhesive strength of tooth binders, and powder free gloves can ensure that the adhesive strength of teeth will not be reduced due to the influence of surface powder.


Glove powder not only acts as a carrier of latex antigens but also provides opportunities for the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms, which increases the occupational risk for medical staff and patients. The presence of powder gloves is also a risk factor for postoperative wound infection.

Delayed treatmentTPE-Gloves

Glove powder can delay wound healing, alter the normal healing process, and also increase inflammation in the wound. In order to provide better medical services, medical personnel should choose powder-free medical gloves. However, it is worth noting that powder-free gloves vary in quality due to different manufacturing processes, so it is better to choose powder-free gloves from well-known brands. YICHANG TPE gloves are powder-free safety gloves with stable quality and excellent performance.


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