Why are TPE gloves growing in popularity

Type, short for thermoplastic elastomer, is commonly used as a soft plastic material for thermoplastic molding machines. The appearance of TPE is generally white, black, translucent, or opaque round particles. Has the rubber has high resilience, the high elasticity, a colleague has the injection-processable characteristic material.Wide application range, good coloring, soft, wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, easy to process, environmental protection, non-toxic, safe, recyclable to reduce the cost, in addition, TPE gloves material is very stable properties, aging resistance, solvent resistance. It can be molded by secondary injection molding.


TPE gloves have oil efficacy. Key For factory, oil and gas fields, and auto repair plants. TPE gloves do not have natural latex proteins, which is not easy to cause allergic symptoms. At the same time, it has anti-static, aging, and acid, and alkali resistance. They have high sensitivity, excellent tensile properties, and anti-pendant properties, high tensile strength, and excellent wear resistance.

Some TPE gloves will be produced by medical gloves, and can also be used as medical gloves. Compared with general medical gloves, higher demand, basically replace the general detection gloves in action. According to statistics, many families are keen on one-time TPE gloves. Since the TPE gloves are not only good, they also have a certain advantage in the price of disposable medical gloves. It is more cost-effective. There are the one-time TPE gloves growing in popularity.


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