Why are TPE gloves growing in popularity

Tpe, short for thermoplastic elastomer, is commonly used as a soft plastic material for thermoplastic molding machines.The appearance of TPE is generally white, black, translucent or opaque round particles.Has the rubber high resilience, the high elasticity, colleague has the injection-processable characteristic material.Wide application range, good coloring, soft, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, easy to process, environmental protection, non-toxic, safe, recyclable to reduce the cost, in addition, TPE gloves material is very stable properties, aging resistance, solvent resistance.It can be molded by secondary injection molding

Above is tpe material characteristics, the characteristics of such excellent materials a wide range of applications, the performance in sports equipment, automotive industry, medical supplies, electronic products, adult supplies, and so on field has a good performance, we often can see is made of tpe glove, commonly referred to as tpe glove, TPE gloves can not commonly found in hospitals, electronics factory has its shadow, and electronics factory is a big demand for tpe glove, every one will use two pairs of left and right sides, and factory workers.The rate of glove consumption is also high.


What makes TPE gloves so popular is that they are almost entirely made of TPE material.It is more anti-static than Latex Gloves, no odor.In addition to some special processing by medical glove manufacturers, TPE material performance to the greatest advantage.Clean kitchen utensils and appliances at home.Tpe gloves can also do the job.Of course, gloves made with TPE are not perfect, just as there is no perfect person in the world.Tpe gloves do not fit as well as latex gloves or Nitrile gloves, which is the limitation of raw materials.Nevertheless,


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