Does tpe contain latex?

The main ingredient of TPE gloves is TPE. TPE(Thermoplastic Elastomer) is a Thermoplastic Elastomer material with high strength, high elasticity, injection molding, wide range of applications, environmental protection, non-toxic and safe, excellent colorability.Good low temperature elasticity, no embrittlement in cold winter, good weather resistance, can be used outdoors, extrusion products stretch large deformation.


Natural latex is a milky white fluid that looks like milk.Natural latex is a biosynthetic product, and its composition and colloidal structure often vary greatly due to differences in tree species, geology, climate, and other related conditions.In the fresh latex without any substance, the rubber hydrocarbon only accounts for 20%-40% of the total amount, and the rest is a small amount of non-rubber component and water.Non-rubber components include proteins, lipids, sugars and inorganic components, etc., which are partly combined with rubber particles and partly dissolved in whey or formed into non-rubber particles.Natural latex has good wear resistance, super high elasticity, tensile strength and elongation over 7 times.

In summary, TPE gloves and Latex Gloves are made of different ingredients.Tpe don't contain latex.


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