You'll need TPE gloves for winter chores

The winter air is filled with a frightening chill, and housework is something we have to do everyday.In winter, because it is very cold, we use hot water to wash dishes, and we always wear gloves when we wash them.Household gloves are usually latex or rubber gloves, which are good for housework, but they need to be washed and then dried.


Because the water we use for cleaning in winter is definitely hotter than when it's not cold, and rubber and Latex Gloves can burn your hands when they come into contact with hot water.Latex and rubber have a high specific heat capacity (that is, they get hot and cold quickly), which makes it easy for our hands to get hot and cold.We have to stay hot or cold all the time in the winter, otherwise we have a great chance of getting chilblains on our hands.So you need a cleaning glove that works in the winter, and I think TPE gloves are the best.Tpe gloves may be light and light, but they are oil resistant and wear resistant.What's more, it's Disposable gloves. Do your chores well and throw them away.Don't take it off and clean it.

Of course, everything has its drawbacks.When using TPE gloves, it is not recommended to touch more than 60 degrees of boiling water, which is not possible with any gloves.


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