Is it not infected with Medical Isolation GOWN?

The answer: wearing a medical Isolation Gown is no guarantee against infection.

Reason 1: As we all know, medical isolation gowns and all kinds of protective equipment are only for protection, can not guarantee certain safety.No individual body more or less there will be an accident, wear medical isolation dress is not afraid of ten thousand be afraid of one thousand.

Reason two: the composition of the medical isolation gowns is SMS non-woven cloth and PE coated hot-rolled, in addition to the suture pressure on the blue sealant, so that the protective performance is better, can not say that after wearing the medical isolation dress feel in the purification chamber, isolated from the air. There are always tiny gaps in the fit with the body.

Reason three: many matters need to be paid attention to when wearing and taking off the medical isolation dress. A slight mistake in the process of wearing and taking off may lead to decreased protection performance and secondary infection.

Conclusion: Therefore, wearing medical isolation gowns can not guarantee against infection, but minimize the risk of infection to the greatest extent. Secondly, in the process of wearing and taking off, the correct steps should be carefully installed in each step.


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