How to dispose of disposable glove?

During the epidemic, Disposable gloves have a key role in preventing new crown pneumonia, and disposable gloves provide important protection guarantees between our pollutants such as new crown viruses. However, we must properly handle the disposable gloves, improper gloves can cause viruses and pathogens that have residual gloves and pathogens due to cross-contamination. Therefore, proper handling of a disposable glove has become an important means of preventing the epidemic.

If you have worked for a disposable glove, you need to remember that try to avoid excessive bacteria attached to gloves, which means that you need to pay attention to anything that is touched when wearing gloves. If you suspect that your glove is contaminated, you should take off the contaminated disposable gloves, safely dispose, and wear a new disposable glove. Remember this method is simple: in any event area you think is high-risk, safely dispose of your disposable gloves and wear a new disposable glove in the next event.

The used disposable gloves need to be carefully placed in the trash can or specified area for processing. If the disposable glove is not properly handled and left on the ground or falls on the ground, then this will have a serious impact on the epidemic expansion and human health.
trash can

During the epidemic of crown pneumonia, the number of people who use gloves in history is much more than ever. Most ordinary people are the first time using disposable gloves. Therefore, for the health of people around, please use it after using the disposable gloves, please properly handle the spread of viruses and bacteria.


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