What are the best medical gloves to buy?

Medical gloves are an essential protective measure for medical staff in their daily work. Medical staff usually choose to wear different types of medical gloves on different occasions. After the epidemic, most people have begun to pay attention to hand protection, but everyone is not very familiar with medical gloves, let's take a look at how to choose a good disposable medical glove!

1. Regular manufacturers

Disposable medical gloves on the market are mixed, the quality is uneven. Complete and marked certificates provided by regular medical glove manufacturers are selected to make the process traceable and avoid unnecessary risks.

2. Material of gloves

The two most common materials for disposable medical gloves are nitrile and latex. Disposable medical Latex Gloves are made of natural rubber, with good elasticity and soft texture, providing comfortable flexibility for hands.

3. Gloves type

Medical gloves are usually divided into Examination Gloves and Surgical Gloves. Medical examination gloves are used to examine a patient's oral or skin surface and must contain a CFDA safety certificate for experimental drugs. Excellent tension and stretch rate, strong anti-wear ability, can adapt to various weak acid and alkali environments inside human skin.

4. Powder-free gloves are better than powder gloves

Gloves on the market are also classified according to powder and powder-free. In the medical field, it is safer to use powder-free latex gloves. Powder-free gloves adopt advanced powder-free PU polymer coating technology, making them soft and comfortable to wear. In particular, when medical personnel is examining or performing surgery, the powder in the medical glove will not stray into the patient's body and affect the diagnosis or treatment outcome.

Medical gloves brand recommendation

YIGLOVES is the world's leading brand of Medical gloves, produced by Dongguan YICHANG Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. (Yichang for short). It has been selling well in more than 50 countries and regions for more than 10 years. Since its inception, YIGLOVES has been dedicated to the innovation of applied technology within the medical-surgical glove industry.YIGLOVES has advanced glove production and control system, including a 100,000-grade clean packaging workshop, a high-precision inspection, and control system, and is the master of global medical and surgical gloves.

Dongguan Yichang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Many of Yichang's products have been tested and certified by the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Center for Leather Quality, and the famous ARDL Laboratory in the United States. In terms of sales, YIGLOVES has been the first export of medical gloves in China for many years due to its cost-effective advantage. At present, there are AQL1.0 under YIGLOVES brand, high medical gloves, antiviral gloves, double color gloves, orthopedic gloves, microscopic gloves, gloves, gloves, take off the protein of department of gynecology, skin glove, examination gloves (powder), check the glove (without powder), sterilization examination gloves (powder), sterilization examination gloves (not pink), and other 10 kinds of Disposable gloves wholesale.

The goal of YIGLOVES medical gloves is to become the world's largest brand in terms of production capacity, the first brand of Medical gloves in China, and the pride of Chinese medical gloves going to the world.


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