2021-2026 The current status and prospects of the nitrile and vinyl glove industry

Disposable health-protective gloves can be divided into medical grade and non-medical grade according to the quality level and purpose. Medical grade gloves must meet the quality certification system or access standards of the medical market of the target country, and are mainly used in medical examinations, medical care, and other fields; non-medical The technical specifications and quality standards of grade gloves are lower than those of medical grade gloves. They are mainly used in the fields of food processing, electronic chemical industry, household daily cleaning, and sanitation. Medical-grade gloves have higher requirements than non-medical-grade gloves in terms of core technical indicators such as pinhole rate, and companies whose production lines can stably produce glove products that meet medical-grade requirements at a higher output rate usually have stronger market competitiveness.


1.Nitrile gloves have broad prospects, and Vinyl Gloves have been matured
Nitrile gloves have excellent performance in anti-static, stretch, comfort, oil resistance, etc., and are mainly used in the fields of medical protection and health protection for protection strength, dust resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance, and mechanical protection Scenarios with higher requirements on sex, etc., belong to the higher-end products in disposable protective gloves. Compared with other glove varieties, nitrile gloves are a newly-added sunrise variety, gradually gaining user recognition globally, and there is huge room for incremental demand.

Vinyl gloves were invented in the late 1950s and AIDS was confirmed around the 1980s. During the global outbreak, the demand for vinyl gloves increased sharply in the European and American markets. With the mandatory hand protection of medical staff in Europe and the United States and other countries With the implementation of directives and regulations, the medical care field has formed a good awareness of the use of vinyl gloves. In terms of medical gloves, vinyl gloves are a stock variety. Although its demand growth rate is not large, the huge historical long-term customer base and low production costs can still ensure its huge market demand. Chinese enterprises began to introduce vinyl glove production technology in the 1990s. After years of innovation and improvement, vinyl glove production technology has been qualitatively improved. At present, China's vinyl glove production technology is very mature, and most of the global vinyl glove production capacity is concentrated in China.

2.Developed regions such as Europe, America, and Japan occupy the mainstream of the disposable protective gloves consumer market, and there is huge potential for demand growth in emerging markets.
At present, the global consumption of disposable health-protective gloves is mainly concentrated in the United States, Europe, Japan, and other developed countries and regions. However, with increasing attention to safety protection issues, the Asia-Pacific region has become the fastest-growing disposable glove consumption area.

The United States is the country that consumes the largest number of disposable health-protective gloves in the world. According to the U.S. International Trade Commission

According to the statistics of import statistics published on the website of the Commission, from 2012 to 2017, the import volume of disposable health protection gloves showed an overall upward trend, and the import volume of nitrile gloves increased from 31,188,800 boxes to 51,646,800 boxes;

According to product classification, the proportion of Latex Gloves in disposable health protection gloves has dropped from 7.97% to 5.40%, the proportion of vinyl and PE gloves has dropped from 57.71% to 50.07%, and the proportion of nitrile gloves has shown an upward trend. 34.32% rose to 44.53% in 2017.

3.China has become the world's main supplier of disposable health-protective gloves
In terms of nitrile gloves, the global production capacity of nitrile gloves is mainly concentrated in Malaysia. The production of nitrile gloves in my country started in early 2000. In recent years, the production and sales volume and market share have continued to grow. Compared with the production of vinyl gloves, nitrile gloves have significantly higher requirements in terms of production technology and production technology, and the investment and construction cost of the production line is much higher than that of vinyl gloves. There are certain technical and financial barriers to entering the nitrile glove industry. Regarding vinyl gloves, Chinese companies introduced vinyl glove production technology in the 1990s. After years of innovation and improvement, accumulation of production experience, and market cultivation, Chinese manufacturers have made considerable progress in product innovation and quality improvement, production equipment improvement, cost control, and customer expansion. At present, the global production capacity of vinyl gloves is mainly concentrated in my country.

According to statistics from the General Administration of Customs, in 2015, my country’s export volume of disposable nitrile and latex gloves (calculated based on the total of customs codes 40151100 and 40151900) was 87,100 tons, which has increased to 124,800 tons in 2019, of which nitrile gloves were exported With continuous growth, the total export volume (customs code 40151900 calibers) increased from 49,300 tons in 2015 to 73,700 tons in 2019, showing a continuous growth trend.

4.Nitrile and vinyl gloves will become the mainstream of disposable protective gloves, and the proportion of nitrile gloves will further increase.
While the total demand for disposable health-protective gloves increases, the product demand structure will also change. PE gloves are often used in the food processing industry, but they are easily damaged, inconvenient to use, and poor in operational flexibility. They are low-end products in disposable health protection gloves. They are often used only because of their low prices. With the increase of social income levels And the stricter requirements for the quality of life, the demand for PE gloves will gradually decrease. Although latex gloves have the advantages of comfortable wearing and excellent conformability, they can easily cause some human allergies because of their collagen content, and they have natural defects.

Nitrile gloves and vinyl gloves have good water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and chemical resistance. They are far better than PE gloves in terms of safety protection and are not inferior to latex gloves. In the field of in vitro inspection, nitrile gloves and vinyl gloves have the functions of latex gloves without any allergies and are gradually replacing some latex gloves. Nitrile gloves have excellent performance in antistatic, stretchability, comfort, oil resistance, etc., and will become the mainstream product in the incremental market of Disposable gloves.


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