How do manufacturers test disposable gloves?

Since Disposable gloves have many applications, they are scrutinized before they are ready for sale. In automobiles, cleaning, and agriculture, workers deal with chemicals, and in the medical industry, workers need a preventive tool to fight pathogens. Therefore, manufacturers conduct extensive testing to ensure which industries are suitable for which disposable gloves:


What is the minimum quality standard?

Gloves are inspected based on the Sampling Standard Table (AQL), a test method derived from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), a company based on standards from various industries around the world.

AQL applies to test batch disposable gloves. It is a method to test glove standards based on percentage. For example, if a batch of 100 gloves has an AQL of 3.0, three gloves have been tested as failing in this batch. The AQL standard for medical gloves is 1.5 or lower. If more than three gloves fail the test, the entire batch does not meet the inspection standards.

How are gloves tested?

The best way to check the quality of gloves is to use the pinhole leak test, which is also widely used for medical gloves. That's because even a tiny crack in the glove's surface can leave the wearer vulnerable to pathogens. During the test, the manufacturer will fill the gloves with 1 liter of water, close the cuffs, and hang the gloves upside down. Gloves are suitable for medical-grade only if they do not leak during the test. For example, YIGLOVES disposable medical Nitrile gloves have been tested by SGS and CE level AQL standards, and the quality can be fully guaranteed.

Another interesting fact about the AQL standard for disposable gloves is that manufacturers often produce medical-grade and industrial-grade gloves on the same line. Industrial-grade gloves also pass the manufacturer's standard quality tests but don't need to be tested by the FOOD and Drug Administration. This does not mean that the quality of industrial-grade gloves is unsafe. AQL is a cost-effective way to test. It simply provides manufacturers with classification to ensure which industries are suitable for which gloves.


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