Procedures and precautions for putting on and taking off the isolation gown

Wear Isolation Gown:

1. Wear a work cap;
2. Wear N95 Masks;
3. Wear isolation gown;
4. Wear safety Medical Goggles;
5. Wear waterproof Shoe Covers;
6. Wear gloves and put your hands outside the cuffs of the isolation gown;
7. Do it in the buffer zone.

Take off isolation gown:

1. Take off the safety medical goggles and put them in the disinfectant;
2. Untie the straps of isolation gown;
3. Take off the gloves. Disposable gloves should be placed inside out and put into a medical waste bag;
4. Take off the isolation gown, put the inside out, and put it into a medical waste bag;
5. Take off the shoe cover, put the shoe cover inside out, and put it into the medical waste bag; (wash your hands or disinfect your hands)
6. Take off the mask, hold the mask lightly with one hand, take off the mask with the other hand, put it in the medical waste bag, and be careful not to touch your face with your hands;
7. Put your finger back into the work cap, gently take off the cap, inside out, and put it into the medical waste bag;
8. Wash hands and disinfect hands.

Precautions for putting on and taking off isolation gown

(1) Before wearing isolation gown, check whether the isolation gown is damaged.
(2) After wearing isolation gown, only operate in the specified area.
(3) When wearing isolation gown, do not make the sleeves touch the face and collar.
(4) The isolation gown should be replaced immediately if there is leakage or damage.
(5) Take care to avoid contamination when taking off isolation gown.


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