Advantages of TPE gloves in the beauty industry

Anyone who has handled Disposable gloves should know that disposable PVC gloves and disposable TPE gloves look similar and are transparent or translucent.It is difficult for many people to tell the difference between the two gloves, but it is very simple for those who know it.It's easy to know which pair of gloves are PVC or TPE.

In terms of sensory experience, TPE gloves are smooth, soft and elastic, whereas PVC gloves are coarser and thinner than TPE gloves.In the beauty industry, there are times when you need to care for your hair, massage your clients, and touch some tools, so you will feel more comfortable with TPE disposable gloves.


Many people would say Latex Gloves and Nitrile gloves are acceptable.Will these two gloves be better?These gloves do a great job in the beauty industry, but they cost a lot more than TPE gloves.Why waste more money when TPE gloves can meet the needs of the beauty industry?


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