TPE gloves are bad?

We all know disposable Latex Gloves, disposable Nitrile gloves, disposable PVC gloves, disposable PE gloves (ordinary plastic gloves). Few people know that there are disposable TPE gloves among Disposable gloves, so why are there so few people who know disposable TPE gloves?

Is it because TPE gloves are bad?

1. Because the appearance of disposable PVC gloves and disposable PE gloves is very similar to TPE gloves, people who don't know disposable gloves can't tell them apart. Even if someone was using it in front of you, you wouldn't know it was a TPE glove. Add to this the reputation of PE and PVC gloves, and it's no surprise that TPE gloves are mistaken for other gloves.
2. Although the application scope of TPE gloves is extensive, other people will not useTPE gloves except for relevant personnel. Tpe gloves are irreplaceable in industries such as hairdressing, painting, pet care, and basic chemical protection. They only know how to use, not advertise.


3. Because TPE gloves and PVC gloves are partly used for the same purpose, many people are used to using PVC gloves, so they don't think about TPE gloves.

These are three reasons why few people know about TPE gloves.


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