Why choose non-woven material for medical gown?

In the basic protection, in the medical work environment, the risk of pathogenic, harmful ultrafine dust, acidic solution, salt solution, corrosive chemicals, to protect the staff throughout the staff for these hazards.  The gown is also called overalls. What features are on? How does it use non-woven fabric? You know.

The breathable Isolation Gown for basic protective work

SMS-Isolation-GownsSuitable for automotive, aviation, food processing, metal processing, mining, oil and gas operations. Generally, the head to shoulder to the body hooded, cuff, and pants tightened. Gown requires effectively blocking dust and solid particulate matter in the operating environment. Wear comfortable breathable and is not easy to drop. Strong protectiveness, in low-risk areas, slight splash can be blocked.

This gown selected fabric is SMS non-woven fabric. The structural characteristics of the ultra-fine melt-blown fiber layer and the high-strength spun-bond non-woven structure of the SMS material have a certain antistatic pressure resistance and gas permeability, which forms the basic isolation performance of the SMS material. In addition, the SMS non-woven fabric also has barrier properties, which are applied to various gown products, including high and low median Medical Gown, industrial gown, chemical gown, etc.

Of course, in addition to the SMS non-woven fabric, there is a PE film composite non-woven fabric, a breathable film-free fabric, and the spun-bond non-woven fabric can be a fabric for the medical gown.

Medical gown

The medical gown is the work of medical staff, that is, gown installed on the body of medical workers. Mainly used to isolate bacteria, harmful ultrafine dust, acidic solution, salt solution, corrosive chemical, maintain a clean environment. Xiamen non-woven fabric, Xiamen non-woven environmental bag,

Medical gown features and use

(1) Ordinary PP Non-woven gown

It is made of PP spun-bond non-woven fabric, characterized by breathable, dustproof, waterproof, tensile force, and the front and negative differences are not obvious. PP spunbond non-woven fabric for ordinary isolation clothing, low-grade isolation clothing, patient service.

(2) Cover non-woven gown

The fabric is a coating non-woven fabric, which is characterized by non-breathable, waterproof, and the effect is good. It is obvious forward and negative distinction and the body contact is non-woven but sensitive, feel good. There is a layer of plastic film liquid leakage, use in an occasion of pollution and viruses, the main use of the hospital infectious ward is the film non-woven.

(3) SMS gown

In the three-layer composite non-woven fabric, there is a layer of waterproofing layer in the middle, the outer layer is the SSS non-woven fabric, strong tensile, and has isolated waterproof and breathable function. SMS non-woven fabric for surgery suite, surgical tissue, isolation clothing, test service, operating clothing, non-surgical mask, visitors.

(4) Bottle Non-woven gown

PP polypropylene is used, and the coated PE gas-permeable film is used, and there is a high gas permeability, preferably anti-permeability, and has high impact resistance while anti-multiple organic solvents, acid-base corrosion. The mechanical properties are tough, and the texture is soft and comfortable. No fire, non-toxic and non-irritating, harmless to the skin. Bacteria, waterproof, micro-gas, soft texture, is the highest medical gown for medical protection. It is characterized by the use of human sweat to be distributed outward, and the harmful gases and moisture outside cannot be invaded. In addition, the breathable film non-woven fabric is also used in surgical suites, surgical tissue, and isolation suit.


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